Line Array Systems 

Line array systems have become the primary loudspeaker configuration for tour sound and many large installations. Cramped sight lines, escalating fuel costs, constant demands for exceptional audio performance by audiences, clients and artists means that Concert sound professionals have a lot to deal with today, and so do their loudspeaker systems. WideLine™ systems are designed to make any concert gig look easy and sound spectacular. They go from festivals, ballrooms, theaters, nightclubs and houses of worship to concert halls, amphitheaters and arenas. Ground stacked or flown, with or without subwoofers, WideLine 10 or 8 Series systems are engineered to adapt to any venue. With the advent of the ILA Installation Line Array System, QSC offers a professional system at breakthrough pricing making line array performance accessible to a far broader range of house of worship and performance venues. The KLA Series of powered line array boxes completes an impressive line up.



The WideLine-10 is a full-range, wide-angle line array loudspeaker system designed for use in ballrooms, theaters, nightclubs, concert halls and houses of worship. It provides an open, natural sound and an exceptional 140-degree horizontal coverage pattern - the widest of any line array system currently available. Each WL2102 element features dual 10" LF long-throw drivers and a 1.4" exit, 3" diaphragm, neodymium compression driver. 


QSC's WideLine-8 packs full size line array performance into an ultra compact package measuring less than 20" (508 mm) wide and 9" (229 mm) high. Each tri-amplified WL3082 element uses a pair of high-power, neodymium magnet, 8" low-frequency drivers. High frequencies are handled by a premium, 3" diaphragm, neodymium compression driver mounted to QSC's patented multiple aperture diffraction waveguide. At first glance, the WL212-sw subwoofer seems too small to even house its pair of 4" voice-coil, long-excursion 12" woofers, yet it produces 135 dB (peak) SPL and has LF extension to 32 Hz, with the punch needed for popular music. 

Weatherized WideLine Systems

Weather-resistant installation WideLine-wx models are constructed using premium birch plywood which is fully encapsulated in fiberglass. The input connector plate is replaced by a hardwired, captive, UV resistant, outdoor-rated (direct burial) cable with a gland-nut through the cabinet for waterproofing. Grilles are stainless steel covered in outdoor rated, vinyl coating and lined with acoustic foam and a fine woven stainless steel mesh.
Note: these are built-to-order items and require 90-120 days plus shipping time. Available models:

WL2102-wx | WL3082-wx | GP218-wx 

KLA Series Active Line Array System

The KLA Series brings the power and sophistication of a line array system into an easy-to-use product; significantly redefining the line array product category. With its simple Lift, Click and Play approach, KLA can be deployed in a fraction of the time required by comparable line array products. (Watch how here).

This fixed arcuate, active line array system is ideal for a wide range of portable and permanently installed applications ranging from live entertainment to houses of worship or other venues where a line array system is desired. 

KLA12 | KLA181 

ILA System v2 - The Accessible Installation Line Array

Accessible - Utilizing the preset recall feature of the SC28 System Controller, an ILA system doesn't require set up by an expert user with sophisticated acoustical measurement equipment.
Affordable - Molded enclosures and simplified rigging design, keep the cost of the ILA system down while retaining the sound quality, coverage and power of high end touring line array systems. 
Accurate - Each element uses a pair of high-power, neodymium magnet, 8" diameter low-frequency drivers. Only one covers the mid-range resulting in more uniform directivity in the crossover region. A pair of 1.75" (voice coil diameter) neodymium compression drivers with titanium domes are mounted on a patented multiple aperture diffraction waveguide that provides extremely wide coverage (140 - degree). 

SC28 System Controller

The SC28 is a 2 input, 8 output digital system controller containing pre-programmed tunings for QSC loudspeaker systems (WideLine 10 & 8 Series, ILA Series). In addition to the preset tunings, the SC28 also offers user-adjustable equalization and delay.